Giới Thiệu VTF

What is Tet?
“Tet”, or Lunar New Year is an important occasion to the Vietnamese culture. It is a celebration for the entire population of Vietnamese people starting with the fi rst day of the lunar calendar rather than individual dates of the year. The celebration begins with its traditions days before the actual event of Tet.

    People celebrate by dressing up their homes with Hoa Mai (yellow apricot blossom), Hoa Dao (peach blossom), and some may even decorate their living rooms with a Kumquat tree during Tet and many fruits that symbolize the fertility and fruitfulness that the family hopes to gain in the coming year. Also, offering one another happy greetings and giving away red envelopes, or “li xi”, is a way to wish someone prosperity for the new year. People dress in their best clothing to go visit families and friends, gathering in each other’s company to enjoy the traditional Tet food like special cake called Banh Chung and Banh Tet (Vietnamese rice cake), roasted watermelon seeds and sweet dried fruits. Hence on the day of Tet, wish yourself and others a Happy New Year or Chuc Mung Nam Moi as each of us turns a year older and enjoy the festive days bringing in a great celebration with delicious foods and prosperity.
Our Mission:
As Tet comes near, our mission is to preserve and to promote the Vietnamese culture and heritage while enriching the cultural diversity in Santa Clara County. We aim to bring cross generations together for all Vietnamese-Americans to enjoy the wonders that Tet brings to our community.
About Us:  
Over the last 30 years in promoting and hosting yearly Vietnamese New Year Festival, we have repeatedly exceeded all expectation of the festival participants while tirelessly seeking way to make the next event better than the previous one.This year is particularly special as it will mark the 40th year that the majority of  Vietnamese-Americans immigrated to this Golden State. We will be hosting the Vietnamese Tet Festival again in the Santa Clara County Fair Grounds, which is guaranteed to attract at least 30,000 participants for the event. With our experience and expertise, joined together with intercollegiate artists and performers from all over Northern California participating in new and engaging programs with more popular Vietnamese singers, parades, and sporting competitions, this

2019 Vietnamese New Year Festival will be undoubtedly the best event ever. We promise to bring joy and happiness to every participant in this event by bringing more entertainment to our venue from lion dances, beauty pageants, fashion shows, and a singing talent contest, to free concerts with all the famous singers and comedians from Paris By Night Entertainment, Asia Entertainment and Van Son Entertainment plus much much more.

To make all of this happen, we hope you and your company would lend us a helping hand by sponsoring our event so we can preserve our culture for our future generations in a rich, and culturally diverse County of Santa Clara.