Thank You Tet Festival 2019

Dear everyone,
Thank you very much for participating in the Tet Festival 2019! Sorry for the delayed of sending the thank you note for the Tet Festival.

Yes, finally, the busiest week now is over for me. From last Monday, we went to Vegas for Sourcing and Magic Conventions, meeting after meeting.. a lot of walking as well.. from the North to the South of both Las Vegas Convention and Mandalay Bay Convention. That was very exhausting. However, at night, I still had to work as well to coordinate both ggconnections fashion shows for the Valentine Bash and the Tet Festival. Followed up with more than 40 models and 6 designers from different countries, states were just to make sure they had the correct information of those shows and coordinated the shipment of those packages from the designers. On Thursday. when I came back in the afternoon, I even tried to finish my last design for the show on Sunday. Although it was a lot of work, I'm so glad that we did three fashion shows for three different communities: Indian, Vietnamese and Chinese. I can't believe I was able to complete all of them.... except I missed 3 New Year parties. Sorry my friends who invited me and my team to the party, and we couldn't make it, we hope you understand for us! Anyway, thank you very much to everyone who participated with GG Connections Fashion Shows over last weekend. It was successful for all 3 shows. Although a few days before, many people told me these events may get canceled because of the storm and rain. However, I was praying hard, so thanks to God, for those 3 days, there was little rain. We have a great turn out for all 3 shows. Regardless of three fashion shows, but I would like to send my thank you NOTE to the Tet Festival first. Especially, I can not do everything if I didn't have the help from my ggconnections team, many support from the designers, models, makeup and hairstylists team, photographers and videographers. That being said, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you to each of everyone who participated with GG Connections Fashion Shows at the Tet Festival.

Special thanks to Christopher Obtrela (Christopher Alberto), Mario Vera for being with me all 3 days. They are my chore team members at ggconnections. They worked very hard with me. Thank you to Christopher for choreography ggconnections fashion show on both days-Friday and Saturday,... Also, thanks for handling the music for the fashion shows, did the flyer, carried the dresses of all the designers, invited singer and stage manager.
Special thanks to Mario Vera for coordinating the makeup team from Beauty Angel Salon, taking photos and videos for all three shows, and helped to carry all the dresses as well. Special thanks to Rav Sastre for inviting ggconnections team, and to have my designs showcased on Friday at Valentine Bash 2019, and doing great emcee at the Tet Festival. This is his 10 years at least for being ggconnections emcee. Thank you!.

Special thanks to Bheng Topacio for co-emcee at the Tet Festival and thanks to her team from R&B Entertainment and Production coming to support us. -Roy Manalansan and Kenny Shed from former NFL Raider/and movie director.

Special thanks to Ashlee Clarke from Rainbow Ashes for doing the makeup, for both shows.- Valentine Bash and Tet Festival.

Special thanks to models who were with us on Friday and Saturday events-Fabiola Vargas, Katie Nealis, Janneth Nguyen, Ro Hini, Olga Lokay, Nhu Nguyen, Fali Se.
Thank you very much to other models who came for the Tet Festival on last Saturday: Kathy Zhou, May Sheena Antolin, Julie Mathew, Mini Park, Sativace Grace, Vanessa BF, Jennella Jiang, , Rissa Rissa, Cristian Alveraz, Becca Chuck, Christine Lea, Alicia Benavidez, Yasmine Morales, Anastasia Ortiz, Alejandra Mantilla.
Thank you very much to all models from London Goodman Wears and Jeanette/Slade.

Special thanks to all designers: From Hollywood Oscar/Grammy/Golden Globe -Celebrity Designer: Shekhar Raharte Couture, from New York/Miami/Boston -Celebrity Designer: Conrad Lamour, From Vietnam/Belgium-Celebrity Designer: Ella Viet by Ellla Phan. Upcoming designer from the Bay Area- London Goodman Wear.

Special thanks to all brand owners: From Turkey and Europe- Seatylish by Hatice Erdec, from South Africa by Jeannette/Slade by Celine Mead Jeannette and Jeremy Slade.

Special thanks to Beauty Angel Salon- Owner Rosa Ambrosio , Olga Martinez, Araceli Luna, Guadalupe Rodriguez,Adriana Gutierrez ,Carla Romero, Natali Rodriguez

Special thanks to Celia Esparza Molina from Beauty Express for the makeup. Special thanks to our performers Aditi Sri, Vice Special thanks to anh Vinh Dinh from Thang Bom Magazine, Viet Bay TV and Tet Vietnamsj for having ggconnections to showcase our designs and talents.

Special thanks to all photographers: Marco Acevedo Garcia, Constantine Orogo, Timotius Tjahjadi,Stephen Palacio, Ray Spencers and many more. Sorry for some of the photographers who came to the fashion show and messed up with other people fashion events at the Tet Festival . Don't forget if you want to come for ggconnections events, then please follow our announcement only. Thanks again for the support!

Last but not least, thank you very much to all friends, families, and audiences for supporting ggconnections. Stay tuned for photos, videos!