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Download Form: 2017 Sponsorship and Agreement



               Vietnamese Tet Festival                                                                         Booth # ___________   Initial__________

                 P.O. Box: 21879, San Jose, CA 95151

                 Phone - English: (408) 499-1678 / Vietnamese: (408) 387-4470


2017 Sponsorship & Advertising Agreement Form


Business Name ________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address ________________________________________________________________

City, State, ZIP __________________________________________________________________

Telephone Number ______________________________________________________________

Contact Name:  _________________________________________________________________

                Event:                   Vietnamese Tet Festival 2016

                Date & Time:       Saturday – January 28, 2017 from 10am to 10pm 

                                Sunday -January 29, 2017 from 10am to 9pm

                Set up Time:        To be announced





Bronze sponsor will receive

● a 10’x10’ booth,

● 2 vendor passes,

● 4 tickets, and

● 1 parking permit


Silver sponsor will receive

● a 10’x10’ booth (3rd priority booth location),

● 3 vendor passes,

● 8 tickets,

● 1 parking permit,

● 1 company banner 10’x3’ hung at the venue,

● company logo and URL link on our festival website,

● small size company logo on all of our stage wall banners,

● a 30 second ad on a continuous rotation to be played on our 10'x16' LED Screen center stage, and ● company logo on 30,000 flyers distribute around Bay Area.

*    $5,000 SPONSORSHIP - GOLD

Gold sponsor will receive

● a 10’x20’ booth (2nd priority booth location),

● 5 vendor passes,

● 20 tickets,

● 2 parking permit,

● 2 company banners (10’x3’) hung at the venue,

● company logo and URL link on our festival website,

● medium size company logo on all of our stage banners,

● company logo on 30,000 flyers, and 1,200 posters distributed around the Bay Area,

● 4 weeks full page color ad in Thang Bom Magazine,

● a 70 second ad on a continuous rotation to be played on our 10'x16' LED Screen center stage, and ● 4 minute live TV interview


Platinum sponsor will receive

● a 20’x20’ booth (1st priority booth location),

● 8 vendor passes,

● 40 tickets,

● 3 parking permit

● 4 company banner (10’x3’) hung at the venue,

● company logo and URL link on our festival website,

● large size company logo on all of our stage banners,

● company logo on 30,000 flyers and 1,200 posters distributed around the Bay Area,

● 8 weeks full page color ad in Thang Bom Magazine,

● a 2 minute ad on a continuous rotation to be played on our 10'x16' LED Screen center stage, and

● 10 minute live TV interview

OTHER ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: (Check any that apply)

*   $300 NON-PROFIT

● a 10'x10' booth,

● 2 vendor passes, ● 4 tickets, and

● 1 parking permit

1.     All non-profit organizations must provide official non-profit documentation and license

*   $500 BANNER

● one 3'x10' banner hung at the venue


(Please circle the length of ad you have decided upon)

1.10ft by 16ft LED Screen placed center stage

2. Advertisements will be played on a continuous cycle throughout the two-day event

3. Advertisement digital file must be submitted by January 10th, 2017 to qualify

● $500 – 30 second ad

● $1000 – 70 second ad

● $1500 – 2 minute ad

*   $1,500 FOOD VENDOR

● 3 vendor passes,

● 8 tickets,

● 1 parking permit,

● company logo and URL link on our festival website

1.     All food vendors must have valid food license from Santa Clara County submitted at least 2 weeks before the event.

*   $15 Each Additional Parking Permit           How many? ___________

*   $20 Each Additional Vendor Pass           How many? ___________      

  1. THIS AGREEMENT will be signed and bound legally between VTF and the signed sponsor. The signed sponsor hereby agrees to the following statements in writing within the binding contract.
  2. The initial deposit is 40% of the sponsorship amount and due at the time the contract is signed. The final payment must be made by December 30th, 2016.
  3. If the Sponsor wishes to cancel the sponsorship and advertisement, the sponsor must provide cancellation in written form via email or post marked letter by or before December 30, 2016 to receive a refund of the unused portion of the fees after deduction of promotional advertisements and related expenses. Cancellation fees and refunds will be calculated according to the following:

  • Cancellation on or before November 30, 2016, 60% of payment paid will be refunded 
  • Cancellation on or before December 16, 2016, 40% of payment paid will be refunded
  • There will be no refund for cancellation requests submitted on or after December 30, 2016. There are also no refunds for no-shows. The sponsor will lose all (100%) of the payment made.
  1. Sponsors are responsible for their own products and to provide their own artwork for banners, flyers, posters, etc. Sponsors may request artwork to be provided by VTF for a fee. The fee is determined by the size of the art and the time required to produce it..
  2. Sponsor and/or their employees will be responsible and liable for all damages done to their booth and/or are linked to them. Sponsor and their employees will not hold VTF responsible for any damages caused.
  3. The Sponsor agrees that during the term of the license hereby granted the booth shall be used only for the purpose of display and sales of goods and services as stated in the original application. VTF has the right to terminate this Agreement and vacate the sponsor immediately if any product or merchandise is deemed to be inappropriate or against what was agreed upon is found at the event. All payments made by the sponsor shall be forfeited.
  4. The sponsor acknowledges and agrees that VTF shall not be liable for damages to or loss of any equipment or merchandises brought onto the VTF premises by the sponsor.
  5. It is the sole responsibility of the sponsor to obtain all the valid and appropriate license(s) as required by the City of San Jose and the county of Santa Clara.
  6. In the event the venue becomes unavailable for any reason beyond the control of VTF, sponsors will be notified as soon as possible. VTF shall reserve the right to cancel this agreement for any reason. VTF shall refund the sponsor any payment made to VTF, after which VTF will have no further obligation or liability to the sponsor.
  7. The sponsor shall completely vacate the premises immediately upon the expiration of the time for which this license is granted. The sponsor shall remove all merchandise and/or belongings brought into the venue and shall leave the premises in a neat and tidy condition. Any merchandise and/or belongings left on the premises shall be at the sponsor's risk.
  8. The sponsor shall not perform any act or allow any act(s) to be done which may create annoyance or cause a disturbance or nuisance further within the VTF‘s premises.
  9. The Sponsor shall take proper care of the venue and all fixtures, furnishings, and equipment available.
  10. The sponsor shall not bring into the VTF’s premises any material or substance or perform or permit any act to be done on the premises which may have the effect of increasing the premium or any premiums payable to any insurance held by the VTF on the premises or render any such policy of insurance liable to cancellation or invalid.
  11. The sponsor hereby releases VTF and without limiting the effect of such release shall cause its insurers to waive subrogation rights against VTF for damage, loss or destruction of any merchandise, belongings or otherwise brought onto the VTF’s premises.
  12. The sponsor shall indemnify VTF and save VTF harmless from all claims, demands, costs, charges and expenses which may incur, suffer or be put to reason of any act or omission of the sponsor or its agents, employees or invitees whether negligent or not, excluding,however, the negligence of VTF or its agents or employees if the sponsor is not covered by insurance.
  13. Sponsors shall be responsible for any damages, clean-up and labor charges incurred by its employees or agents during the event.
  14. The sponsor shall be responsible for removing all installations, decorations and equipment either by itself or by its sub-contractor upon returning the facility to VTF. All waste materials and garbage must be removed from the rented facility and disposed of as directed by VTF.
  15. This agreement and any interest hereby cannot be assigned by the sponsor without the prior written approval of VTF. Without limiting the generality of the following, the sponsor shall not assign rent or sublet the booth or any portion of it to a third party, nor allow any third party to use the booth or a portion of the booth without the written consent of VTF, which consent may be arbitrarily withheld.

I agree to all the above statements that is true to our good faith and binding between two parties thus hereby agree to the above statements.

Signature of Authorizing Party: ______________________________ Date: ___________________     

Print Name __________________________  Sponsor ____________________________________

Phone ______________________________  Email Address _______________________________­­

Product and/or Service _____________________________________________________________

Sponsor Package _________________________________________________________________


                                                Marketing Agent/Contact Agent


Signature  ________________________________________ Date_________________

Print Name ____________________Deposit Amount Collected $____________________________

Agent Initials___________________Sponsor Initials_______________________________

Payment Information:

Payable to:         Vietnamese Tet Festival

                       P.O. Box 21879, San Jose, CA 95151

Telephone (408) 499-1678

Sponsor/Advertiser agrees to pay the amount due as indicated above and comply with the rules and regulations outlined in this Sponsorship and Advertising Agreement; and any additional rules, regulations and information as may be adopted by Vietnamese Tet Festival. (Note this application does not become a binding commitment until signed by sponsor and full payment received)